We cry out to God for help when all is not going well: “I need a breakthrough, I need a miracle, oh God just bless me with this or that and I will forever serve you”- I hope these statements sound familiar to you. Indeed, it is God’s desire to bless His children, but it’s also worth noting that no matter what we ask for in prayer, God has the ultimate plan and His divine Will must prevail in every circumstance.


Hello lovelies, I'm so excited to let you know that my series is baaacck!! I am so sorry that I went for a long break but I'm glad to resume and continue inspiring y'all.

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Divine Diversion

But, lo and behold, she saw a trotro in front of her car which had these words inscribed on them, "God don't do mistakes". Wow, wow, this was God just speaking to her. She was taken aback and realized that it was not a mistake, rather it was God diverting her route for a reason.

Unused Talents??

One hot afternoon, I went to Osu to do some few errands and I parked at a hotel but I don't remember the name though :( I overheard three security men talking about the lovely  comedian (Emmanuella).

Does God Care About Makeup??

I then prayed to God and within a few seconds, the Holy Spirit told me to check the inside of my boots (You see the power of the Holy Spirit at work here eh :) I got up quickly, checked the inside of my boots and lo and behold, here was my makeup cover (sigh of relief).


Hello lovelies, I will be kick-starting a series where I share inspirational messages. ChicBeauty In & Out strives to educate and inspire its followers and people from all walks of life. Expect all kinds of inspirational messages ranging from godly love,  leadership etc and backed up by Bible verses.