Experience in Model United Nations Conference(New York)

  • Hello lovelies, April comes to an end soon and I hope you had a great time and whatever you were not able to accomplish, don't worry, there are other months to be filled with joy. Today's post is a thrilling one. My goal is that, it will motivate someone in one way or the other to go out there and be a positive influence to the world.

Some bits of information before I start writing:

  1. The conference was in New York. It started on the 19th of March and ended on 23rd of March.

  2. 20 students from Saint Mary's University(Halifax) represented Portugal

  3. My co-delegate and I were in Economic and Social Council Plenary (ECOSOC)

  4. Our topics were:

  5. I) Mobilizing Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Development

  6. II) Investing in Sustainable Energy for Rural Areas

  7. III) Promoting Sustainable Peace by Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict

  8. PS: Highlighted topic was the one we centered on in the entire conference

  9. My school won the Honorable Mention Delegation Award. Go Huskies!!

  10. PURPOSE OF THE CONFERENCE: Over 5,000 college/university students, more than half from outside the United States, come to New York City each spring to discuss current global issues. Delegates come prepared to solve three pressing issues relevant to our 21 simulated UN committees.

Now, let's look more closely to what I learned from the conference.

  1. I got to meet people from all walks of life, as students came from outside U.S. It enabled me to relate to people well and I got to try different things. My group members took me to Café 53 and I also met someone who took me to Chipotle. It was one whole experience, stay tuned for the post on my experience in New York!!

  2. It gave me a first-hand experience and exposure as to how diplomacy really is. It was a stressful experience(meetings from 9am to 11pm with short breaks in between) but nothing comes easy if you want excellence so I endured.

  3. Developmental issues occur each and every day, it was great to see university students come together to find ways of combating these issues. It made me more alert of real issues that happen around the world and it was great that I was part of the world changers.

  4. It improved upon my research skills. I had to go more deeper in finding results for the resolution writing.

  5. It improved upon my communication and negotiation skills by giving me the opportunity to converse with people from other schools and negotiate on the topic I saw to be appropriate.

Here are some photos from the Conference:

This specialized menu made my night that day!! Shoutout to Thalia Restaurant.


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Stay blessed!