Does God Care About Makeup?? SEASON 1: EPISODE 1

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you.
— Psalms 9:10 (NLT)

Hello lovelies, welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of #CBIOXINSPIRATION. My prayer is that, this post touches someone to trust more in God. Shall we begin now?

Let us trace our minds back to the year 2015. I was preparing for class one day and in a hurry, my makeup cover fell down. I didn't bother to look for it because I was running late for class. I said to myself that I will look for it when I come back to the room.

Later in the evening, I remembered that my makeup cover fell down. I decided to look for it. I searched for it everywhere, but couldn't find it. (insert sad face here).  I sat on the bed in deep thoughts wondering where this makeup cover could be at all .Then it dawned on me that I hadn't prayed to God about it! (YES, you need to pray to God about everything, not some things).

I then prayed to God and within a few seconds, the Holy Spirit told me to check the inside of my boots (You see the power of the Holy Spirit at work here eh :) I got up quickly, checked the inside of my boots and lo and behold, here was my makeup cover (sigh of relief). Cute story, huh? This verse explains everything:

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.
— Philippians 4:6 (NLT)

Prayer must be an important element in a Christian's life. Prayer can change things that seem to be dead and they can come to life, it can also make a way where there seems to be no way. You saw the power of prayer in my story above right? If I hadn't prayed, I would have looked for it with no positive result.

Most Christians worry about every little thing but just take a look at this verse and see the assurance that God gives to us:

And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing... And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, He will certainly care for you.
— Matthew 6:28,30(NLT)

Today, I want to remind someone that your situation is not beyond God's control, God cares about you so much that He wants you to be burden-free. Whatever your burden is, place it in the hands of the One who created you. He is detail-oriented and He knows the number of hairs on our head, He cares about the lilies of the field, how is He not going to care for you?

My dear, pray to God about all the challenges you face and when He answers your prayer (in His timing) , give thanks to Him. Another area Christians neglect is to give thanks to God during and after a prayer request. Thanksgiving should be a part of your daily walk in Christ Jesus.

Can you think of a time when God helped you in a circumstance? Are you trusting God with everything today? Leave your comments below and all questions and feedback should be directed to me at I hope this post has encouraged you in one way or the other. Make sure you subscribe below so that you don't miss next week's post. Stay tuned lovelies and have an awesome week.

Say this prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank you for today's Word. I pray that from today onward, I will cast everything to you, trusting that you care about every area of my life. Let my life be a living testimony to anyone I come across in Jesus' Name, Amen.


If you do not know God or have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior, please say the prayer below sincerely :) God Loves You!