Hello lovelies, I hope you enjoyed last week's episode which was on "Guidance in the journey of life". Today, we have an awesome gentleman who is going to encourage us with the Word of God.

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Barry is an award-winning Gospel musician based in Ghana. He prides himself in being a
servant of God, and vessel for God’s honour. His music ministry revolves around the gospel of
Christ and His unending love and grace. Barry Ministry, though currently a music ministry has
the aim of spreading the message of the Kingdom of God and making manifest on earth
through the almighty power of the Holy Spirit living in us.


It’s an honour that I get to share this post with you and I pray this blesses you as it has blessed
me over the past year.

The title of this post is Spiritual Discipline and the secrets to establishing an intimate
relationship with I Am!

Firstly, Spiritual discipline is a repetitive action driven by spiritual decisions that created new
habits, nurtured spiritual health, breaks sinful cycles and creates spiritual growth, leading to
maturity. For me, I feel this is the most defining factor of being a Christian, and wanting to grow and understand more of the things of the Spirit.

A lot of people have the notion that coming to church and attending prayer meetings alone will
build your capacity in the things of the spirit, but that's far from true. Building your capacity in the things of Him is deliberate and intentional. We must set aside time to fellowship with Him to grow and to become stronger Christians. It's a deliberate action. This thought has been running through my mind about how we as Christians get very excited when we hear that someone has been healed by the power of Jesus through a man of God, etc but we have the same power that rose Jesus from the dead living in us (Romans 8: 11). So what aren't we doing right?

I'll break Spiritual discipline into two parts so it makes more sense.
1. The disciplines of abstinence
2. The disciplines of activity

These two can't be mutually exclusive. They must work together.


The Disciplines of Abstinence

1. Solitude (spending time alone to be with God)
2. Silence (Removing or isolating yourself from noisy distractions to hear from God)
3. Fasting (Denial of self to focus on the spirit)
4. Frugality (Learning to love with little money and still be able to live with your daily needs)
basically living within your means.
5. Sacrifice (giving our resources without measure to remind us of our dependence on God
6. Secrecy (practicing serving God without others knowing what you are doing. E.g. doing
things for people without others telling you what you did etc).

The Disciplines of Activity

1. Studying the word. I believe this is an act of gratitude. That's because you are grateful for all
that He is, you want to know more about Him.
2. Worship: Adoration of who He is! Acknowledging the power and sovereignty of the most
3. Prayer (Dialogue with the council of heaven)
4. Fellowship (Meeting regularly to build yourself up.)
5. Confession (Regularly confessing your sins to God / trusted person) (James 5:16= therefore
confess your sins to one another and pray for each other)
6. Submission (humbling yourself before God and others)
7. Service (Serving God by serving others)

These are very essential points that I agree with and if practiced, will build your capacity in Him,
and God will begin to reveal more of Himself to us. It will keep you from being complacent.
We can't try to be godly. It's deliberate and intentional. We train to be godly.
1 Tim 4:7
Having nothing to do with godless myths and old wives tales; rather train yourself to be godly.
Don't try, train.
In the same way, we can only experience the things of the spirit if we are deliberate and
spiritually disciplined. We can only rise in our potential in the things of Him if we are intentional
about it.
We can only snatch others from the grips of hell if we are operating in Spiritual discipline!
We can only be the only Jesus that people will see if we are operating in Spiritual discipline.
May God help us to be deliberate in the things of Him! And may He not say to us that He never
knew us even though we prophesied, and cast out demons in His name. Let us train to be Spiritually disciplined.

Prayer: Father, may you build our capacity to surrender to You! May our hearts be totally surrendered to
you so we walk in Spiritual discipline! May we yield to your purpose and stop focusing on our
weaknesses and flaws! May you remind us of who we are; heirs and co-heirs of the Kingdom,
created in the image and likeness of You! And may You reveal more of Yourself to us, as we
surrender to You! We love you. In Jesus name. Amen.



Q: What's your favourite Bible verse?

Barry:  Philippians 4: 13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". 

Q:  Which Bible character do you associate yourself with and why?

Barry:  David, because he selflessly praised and worshipped God.

I hope this read was beneficial! Much Love and may God lead us into a deeper and unsatisfied relationship with Him.

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I hope you have been inspired in today's episode. Be spiritually minded always and Christ be seen in you! If you missed yesterday's video, check it out below. Don't forget to subscribe below and share this post.

If you do not know God or have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior, please say the prayer below sincerely :) God Loves You!


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