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Can you recall the guest for Episode 6 (hint hint the same surname: Neequaye). Well, Barry and George are brothers and today, we will read George's article which comes in the form of his personal testimony.

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George lives life every day to Love. His goal on earth is to make life better for the people who by no choice of theirs do not have a life they deserve. Love is the only tool that will give George the chance to change the world. He uses his talent of aestheticism through design and technology to Love the world (Empathy). He yearns to Love others irrespective of any differences, so that others may see and Love too.

This Love is what has given him the drive to be what he is, a Designer (Experience Design, Interaction Design, and Graphic Design), a Social Entrepreneur, a Technologist, a Model and a Helper. For what he is, is from Love and of Love.


As a child, I saw the world without seeing myself in it. In the sense that, when I watched
movies I saw the characters' whole body or self, but I saw through my eyes just the tip of my
nose and the edges of my cheeks. If mirrors, reflections, photography, videography and any
other medium of capturing images, did not exist, we would only rely on how people described
us. This I believe formed the basis of my way of life! To trust, to hope and to believe in the
unseen. Anytime I observed and looked at the world, I saw others, I saw life going by, I felt this
sense of something bigger than me, I asked, how did I get here? Why? What am I supposed to
do here? These questions also supported my foundation in who and what I am today.

I have been blessed with an amazing family, God indeed put me in a family which I learned to
love and have faith in no matter what. My father was from a very poor background, he had to
catch and sell crabs to pay for his tuition and at some point, he had to go to school
barefooted. He had a lot of decisions to make, to direct his life and purpose on earth. The
greatest decision he made, was to serve God as a priest. That decision has triggered a blessed
life for my family and people we support and care about. Growing up in my family, I wanted so
many things, I wanted the latest games, I wanted to travel, I wanted to do a lot of things but we
did not have the means. But it is that feeling I had as a child, that “unknowingness” that kept me
going, the “unknowingness” of greater things to come. I did not understand at that time, I was a
shy and awkward child because I felt I did not belong, I felt I was not worth being on earth.

This all changed when I turned 18, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, I was reading my
Bible one evening and fell asleep. In my sleep, a bright light flew past me, in a shape of a dove.
It gave me this sense of peace and assurance that it is all going to be okay. That experience is
still the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. This happened on Sunday 7th June 2009, it was this
day I decided to explore that “unknowingness” I felt within, at exactly 2:30 am. My life was never the same after that day!


This was the period I had finished Senior High School and waiting a year to enter University.
You see, I am a pastor’s child, I went to Church, I read my Bible, I prayed and even spoke in
tongues but that unknowingness was always there, it was this void, that was yearning for
something, something bigger than life itself. Something we may never understand but can dare
to reach and have faith in. This is when I started living an invisible life! I decided to fill that
“unknowingness” with God, a relationship with Him, talking to Him as a friend, as a brother, and
as my maker. You see, God is unseen, some argue He does not exist, but the Word states, “By
Faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen
was not made out of what was visible.” This clarified my “unknowingness”, that if I have Faith in
God, I will be able to understand my “unknowingness” I will be able to find out what I am doing
here, why I am here and not feel like I do not exist. I can finally walk into my end time destiny! I
will touch on how to live the invisible life (live by faith) as I go on.


I got into Ashesi University, which is extremely amazing, now the not so amazing part is, the
school fees are expensive for the average Ghanaian. This was something my Dad and I spoke
about and he said these words “God has got this”. My mind blew away, because he had no
idea, that I had let God take absolute control over my life and I was living in the invisible. As
soon as these words came out, I was filled with intense passion! I vowed, that whatever I do on
earth, I will do for God and with all my heart even if it is difficult, painful or the long route, I
would do it (Colossians 3:23). After all, Jesus died for us, so I shall “die” living for Him. This
decision of working for God, not men propelled my life! At Ashesi, the light of God shined
through my life. I was so full of Faith that when the new campus was near completion and we went for a tour, I told a friend that I will win an award simply because the constructor in charge of building a lecture hall had his name written on the door and his name was George. Seeing that was my sign of getting an award!

Three years down, I was awarded the highest award any student can receive at Ashesi. Near graduation, by Faith, I told myself and some friends that I will get a job that will pay me a salary that will cover the cost of attending Ashesi. As soon as we were done with our exam not awaiting graduation, I started looking for a job. One Sunday, I was talking with a friend and was telling him I did not want to wait until National Service to start working. His mother overhead our conversation and said: “George, come to work tomorrow”. No interview, no aptitude test, no requirement, just come! So I went, I had no idea what job I was going to do, I had no idea what the company was about and so on. I went in, the job over there was an Administrative Assistant, a fancy name for a receptionist.

 I am a Computer Science major, I wondered what I would do with this. Then I remembered, by Faith I ask God that I would get a job that will pay a salary that will surpass my Ashesi tuition. So I committed to the promise I made to God, to work with all my heart as though I was working for Him. So I learned to be the best Administrative Assistant, in no time, I was fully established in the role, I began to take on responsibilities which were not in my job description, I was applying my Computer Science skills. The next year came, then a role that has never existed in that company, was created to fit me in the organization. This God we serve!!! I became the Graphic and Web Designer of USAID METSS Project where I trained different USAID staff on visual communication techniques and also worked closely with Communications team at USAID. I was blessed to design the annual reports of USAID Ghana for two years.

Now, I needed to move on, I have always wanted to be part of transforming Ghana and to be
an example to the world that Ghana or Africa is indeed excellent! Even though I was
brought up in Africa, I can be world-class and compete on the global stage. That against all
odds, having faith in God and putting the work will lead you to that expected end! This is when
I decided to apply to the then second best Design School in the world, The New School,
Parsons School of Design. Ashesi was expensive for my family, imagine a top-notch United
States University. Yet again my father with his words came and said: “God’s got this!”


Eh! This has been my greatest test living in the invisible! After I submitted my application, I did not sleep for days, my heart literally raced! Then the acceptance came! I had the highest scholarship anyone could receive entering that school. I also had external scholarships, external funding from family and friends. Most of the funding would not have come if my father did not decide to serve God, through His service, God has blessed us beyond our wildest imagination, He has given us all we can possibly ask for! My entire education at Parsons has been paid for, without owing any organization or individual. Why wouldn’t I keep serving Him with all I have got? I will use every gift I have within me to live for Him. I have currently finished my first semester with amazing grades, also using my gift of a “good look” to Glorify God in the fashion and modeling industry. I have reached a stage where worry and fear cannot destroy my invisibility, my faith and my love of God and the world!

Finally, I am not perfect, I have sinned, I have done so many things I regret, I have broken
hearts, hurt people, gotten angry at people, allow my emotions to rule me and so on. My sins
may be minor, but any kind of sin is still sin. David, the man after God’s own heart committed
adultery and killed the man whose wife he laid with, even then, God calls David the man after
His heart. I bring this up because some of us feel guilty from our sins, I felt guilty a lot but God
is a God of Love and His Love covers all sin. Allow Him to cover your sins and walk in the
invisible with me and much more people of God.

Some of you hear God cry to you in your “unknowingness” and you do not know what to do, today, just trust in Him like a child to his parents. Whatever God says you should do, do it! All of us hears His voice, that still small voice in you telling you, do it, it is good. Some of us would rather conform to the things of this world than to listen to God. As for me, even if I am called awkward, or if I am called emotional, or if I am called whatever, I will serve the Lord with my life! As you can see now! I live to love and love to live.

God rocks my world! #forTheKing



Q: What's your favourite Bible Verse?

George: Colossians 3:23 -"Whatever you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for the Lord and not for men". 

Q: Which Bible character do you associate yourself with and why?

George: David and Daniel - I love David because of his audacious faith used to defeat Goliath and his immediate repentance and regret when he committed sin. I love Daniel because of his lifestyle, he ensured he lived by God's standards and did not care if the world saw him do so. God rewarded him by not allowing the lions to eat him in the den. I believe living by faith, being repented (because we are not perfect) and living an intentional life for God, we will extremely be powerful Christians.





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If you do not know God or have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior, please say the prayer below sincerely :) God Loves You!


With Love,

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