Hello lovelies, I am going to begin a series where I share must-haves in your closet for both ladies and gentlemen. Today, I bring to you some must-have bags that are needed in your wardrobe or closet for ladies. The next time, it will be the turn for gentlemen :) 

Bags are an essential element because it adds a touch of class and stores up your phone, tissue, lipstick etc. Below are my favorite must-have bags ranging from tote bags, bucket bags to basket bags and more. Have fun in shopping, click on each item that you wish to buy. There are a few items on the next page, click ">" to see more. 

P.S: These bags are affordable so you don't have to break the bank :)


I hope you have been inspired by the ideas above. Comment below telling me what you will get for yourself :) Do not forget to like, subscribe and share!! See you in my next post. 

With Love,

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