The Reading Tag

Hello lovelies, Haligonian weather is so unpredictable, today it is sunny, the next moment it is cold. As already mentioned in this blog post, blush pink is my favorite colour and I show you how to style it for a casual day with your friends and family. On the other hand,  I'm doing a reading tag I found on Shirley B. Eniang's blog. This reading tag will give you an in depth insight about me and all bookworms out there might be able to relate to some of the questions. If you are interested in doing the reading tag, please do so as I love to know other people's responses(tag me on Instagram @chicbeauty_inandout!!)

The Reading Tag

1) Do you have a certain place for reading?

I love to read anywhere but it has to be quiet in order for me to be fully attentive.

2) Bookmark or a random piece of paper?

If only I have a bookmark at that moment, I will use it, otherwise, I usually use a pen or pencil or I even remember the page number I left off.

3) Can you stop reading anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain page, chapter, part etc?

I have to stop at the end of a sentence or a paragraph.

4) Do you eat or drink while eating?

I love to drink Cranberry juice as it is my favorite!

5) Can you read while listening to music or watching TV?

I only prefer to watch TV when I take a break from reading.

6) One book at a time or several at once?

One book at a time definitely!

7) Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently in my head.

8) Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I just browse through the book first before I read.

9) Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

Definitely keeping it new! I'm that organized and clean freak eh?

10) Do you write in books?

No please, except I'm writing my name on the first page of the book!

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